Why get your employees Privacy & Data Protection certified?

All employees should have basic knowledge of Data Protection.

Being informed and aware is essential when it comes to changes in regulation such as GDPR. It is often through a lack of awareness that leaks or breaches occur. Employees need to know what GDPR entails, how it affects their role, what impact it has on activities in the organization and the consequences of non-compliance. EXIN Data Protection Foundation gives professionals a solid background in data protection, GDPR and how to ensure compliancy.

Employees who work with personal data need to have the right skills to deal with GDPR.

For employees who are closer to the data, it is essential that they have the right knowledge and skills at their fingertips to prevent any risks or compliancy issues. EXIN Privacy & Data Protection Practitioner has been created specifically for those professionals who need to not just know about GDPR but how to work with GDPR. It is ideal for Privacy Officers, Legal / Compliance Officers, Security Officers and any other employees whose work will be impacted by GDPR directly.

Some employees will need specialist knowledge - such as your DPO.

The GDPR brings with it an obligation to employ a Data Protection Officer (DPO) under certain circumstances. If your organization deals with regular and systematic monitoring of data subjects on a large scale or other similar activities, you may need a DPO. However, even if you are not legally required to appoint one, it is wise to consider getting this specialist knowledge onboard whether through consultancy or otherwise.

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