Why should you get Privacy & Data Protection certified?

Prove your skills and understanding of GDPR.

With the General Data Protection Regulation, it is essential that professionals who work with data know what is needed to comply. Any professional who works in a role where you deal with customer data needs to be informed. A certificate from EXIN offers the knowledge you need with the confirmation for your organization (or future employers) that you are qualified.

Move towards a more challenging role.

Sometimes it is necessary to give your prospects a boost by investing in your own career development before you make a move. When you want to advance into a more challenging role it often helps to show you’ve taken the first step independently. Getting certified is a great way to show your ambition and prove your skills.

Make a switch in your career.

A change of direction in your career can often be difficult to navigate without a clear path. Getting certified shows employers, HR managers and recruiters that you’ve made an informed decision to move towards a different role.

Get your Privacy & Data Protection Certification in 4 simple steps

1. Select the certification you wish to attain.

Below you can see the 3 different levels of EXIN Data & Privacy Protection certifications.

2. Prepare for the exam with training or self-study.

Depending on the exam you will have to take part in a training or do self-study as preparation.

3. Register for your exam online with EXIN Anywhere.

For both our foundation and advanced level certifications you can take your exam online.

4. Take the exam within 21 days of registering.

After you’ve registered and paid, you have 21 days in which to sit your exam.

FIND Out More about EXIN Privacy & Data Protection Certifications:

Privacy & Data Protection
EXIN's Privacy & Data Essentials has been created for professionals who need a solid yet basic understanding of data protection including GDPR.
Privacy & Data Protection
EXIN's Privacy & Data Protection Foundation offers professionals a solid background in the protection of personal data including GDPR.
Privacy & Data Protection
This advanced-level certification gives professionals in-depth understanding of data protection and GDPR.
Privacy & Data Protection
EXIN's Certified Data Protection Officer combines foundation and advanced level components to form an expert role-based certification.