Why add Privacy & Data Protection to your portfolio?

The international deficit of skilled Data Protection specialists means this is a growth area for certification.

The skills shortage for data protection and cybersecurity professionals is well documented. What is less well known is the fact that it is not just the shortage of new professionals that is causing problems. Existing professionals in the field are often undertrained and cannot keep up with the speed of development in privacy and data protection. It is essential that both current and future data protection professionals are able to do their jobs to a very high standard. Certification can help build the foundations of or reinforce the existing knowledge that a professional has.

There is a huge shortage in qualified Data Protection Officers.

Two years ago, the IAPP it was estimated that by 2018 there would be a shortage of 75,000 Data Protection Officers. This statistic does not seem to have changed in the meantime. Many organizations that deal with significant amounts of personal data are required to have a DPO as a result of the new GDPR. New DPOs will need to be trained so they are able to do their job to the best of their ability.

The DPO role-based certification is a clear path to certification and career development.

EXIN’s Certified Data Protection Officer is a role-based certification designed to give professionals the knowledge and skills they need to step into their role as a Data Protection Officer.


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The new General Data Protection Regulation is now in force.

Organizations everywhere need to make sure that their staff is trained adequately according to the rules of the regulation. As a result, demand is increasing for knowledgeable, certified IT professionals.

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