EXIN DevOps Quality & Test Engineer


This certification was developed to provide the right knowledge and competences for those who are aiming to become, or already are, a DevOps Test Engineer - with the appropriate international recognition. When you are certified by EXIN as DevOps Quality & Test Engineer it proves you have been extensively tested not only on your testing skills (based on TMap) but also on your understanding of working according to Agile Scrum principles and of DevOps practices to take the role and perform the appropriate activities in an organization.

The diagram below shows the combination of certifications that lead to the EXIN Certified DevOps Quality & Test Engineer certification.




DevOps Quality & Test Engineer

  • Provides the complete set of knowledge and competences for current and new Quality & Test Masters
  • Trustworthy, reliable and internationally-recognized program
  • Provides guidance for implementation and maintenance
  • Features a practical approach
  • Clear method to assess candidates
  • Multi-layered program