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SIAM and DevOps – 3 Reasons why they are an Excellent Combination

SIAM and DevOps

Two of the hottest new trends in IT are SIAM and DevOps. These phenomena bring many opportunities to organizations. What will happen when both are combined? The possibilities are endless. SIAM and DevOps in a DevOps Culture SIAM or Service Integration and Management is all about the integration of services. DevOps is designed to deliver […]

DevOps Philosophy – 4 Core Beliefs about DevOps

DevOps Philosophy

Unlike Agile, DevOps lacks a manifesto. Still, there are some people who have tried to formulate a DevOps philosophy. After looking into some existing DevOps definitions, we take a look at the DevOps practice of successful organizations. Gartner: DevOps Philosophy is Tool-Centric Gartner calls DevOps ‘not a market, but a tool-centric philosophy that supports a continuous delivery value chain’, […]