Developing DevOps Knowledge and Skills for the Digital Age

DevOps Knowledge

In 2009, Patrick Dubois organized the first devopsdays conference in Ghent to bring together a community interested in DevOps knowledge. Since then, DevOps has become a widely adopted methodology in teams across different industries. It was designed to harmonize development and operations teams to enable continuous delivery and a shorter systems development life cycle whilst maintaining high quality. Mike Orzen, who has been studying and practicing Lean for over 20 years and who is known as the father of Lean IT, has said the following about DevOps:

“DevOps is increasingly important in today’s digital age, where consumer demands are higher than ever before, and developing a high level of agility is crucial to survival. Professionals need to develop DevOps knowledge and skills so they can seamlessly coordinate with all parts of the value stream to release customer-focused products quickly and with few errors.”

In Developing DevOps Knowledge and Skills for the Digital Age Suzanne Galletly, EXIN’s Portfolio Director, and Mike Orzen give their take on DevOps. It looks at DevOps related skills and knowledge in the digital age for interested parties: corporate organizations, training organizations, and business and IT professionals. It also considers the importance of DevOps, the skillset professionals need in order to embrace the future, and how to develop knowledge and skills related specifically to DevOps to ensure their relevance.

The EXIN DevOps certification program features certifications for professionals at every level. It includes EXIN DevOps Foundation, EXIN DevOps Professional, and the very popular EXIN DevOps Master certification. The highest level certification includes practical assignments to ensure that a certified professional can put their skills into practice once they have passed their exam. To find out more about the program, take a look at the Certification page or read more about DevOps on the DevOps blog which includes a wide range of articles and recorded webinars.

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