DevOps for Employers

Why do your employees need a DevOps certification?

Bring DevOps culture to your organization.

DevOps is much more than just a methodology – in fact, it is a combination of DevOps philosophy, practices and tools. To be able to put these elements to efficient use, your employees need to understand and embrace DevOps. An EXIN certification can help with this with 3 certifications designed for professionals at every level.

Ensure that your employees learn about DevOps for their role.

EXIN offers 3 different DevOps certifications. DevOps Foundation is designed for professionals who need a general background in DevOps and is ideal for those starting in DevOps. For professionals who are working with DevOps already but want to extend their knowledge, DevOps professional is appropriate. Lastly, DevOps Master is specifically for the ambassadors for DevOps in your organization – a DevOps Master can introduce and promote DevOps in your organization.

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