Recorded Webinar – Everyone is talking about DevOps. IT job titles are being changed to “DevOps engineer”. But what is DevOps? And why should you care?

devops webinar

Everyone is talking about DevOps. The job title of all IT staff seem to be changing to “DevOps engineer”. But what is DevOps? And where does it come from? And most important, why should you care?

If you have heard of these terms and want to know what their value for you might be, or if your organization is transforming to DevOps and you want to get a better understanding of this transformation, then this webinar is for you! The recorded webinar goes into the history of DevOps, the principles of DevOps, and will give you some real-life examples.

Gert Jan is a long time Lean and Agile enthusiast. He loves to help teams and organizations to add more value for their customers. With his master’s degree in Computer Science and his experience as a manager, he is able to combine the hands-on implementation of automation and making sure this is embedded in the organization. His main activities are helping organizations with the implementation of continuous delivery. From a technical point of view, he helps to set up continuous delivery pipelines using a variety of tools. From an organization perspective, he set out to make sure that the new tools and processes to deliver software are adopted.

Gert Jan works at Devoteam as a Principal DevOps Consultant.


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