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DevOps – Can and Should it Coexist with Agile? Interview with Jon Kern.

Banner DevOps – Can and Should it Coexist with Agile Interview with Jon Kern

Are Agile and DevOps basically the same? How are they related? Can they coexist in an organization? If so, how can you make the most of combining Agile and DevOps?    Over the past decade, there have been more and more articles, interviews, and talks, that try to answer these questions. At EXIN, we see Agile and DevOps as being highly connected. Interest in this topic only seems to be […]

DevOps – Misconceptions, Motivation, and Mastery. Interview with Carlos Zapata

Although DevOps has been present in the IT world for two decades now, interest in DevOps shot up in the past five years. So much so that the industry-leading State of Agile report has dedicated more space to DevOps related results to reflect a year on year increase in interest. In the 14th State of […]