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Why add DevOps to your portfolio?

DevOps professionals are in high demand.

Although DevOps is a relatively young methodology, there is a huge demand for DevOps skilled professionals. The number of DevOps-related jobs advertised worldwide on LinkedIn is over 100,000 and DevOps is receiving more and more attention worldwide.

EXIN's program features 3 different certifications at the levels a professional needs.

EXIN offers a Foundation, Professional and Master certification – each designed to offer professionals a certification suited to their desired level. EXIN DevOps Master is ideal for professionals who want in-depth and highly-specific knowledge. It combines principles, knowledge and practical skills. Whilst EXIN DevOps Professional offers a solid background in DevOps for those who have some basic knowledge. EXIN DevOps Foundation meanwhile, is ideal for those starting to explore a career in DevOps.

EXIN DevOps Master includes practical assignments.

The DevOps Master certification includes practical assignments. This means that professionals who take the DevOps Master exam learn how to apply their skills in a practical way, ensuring that the knowledge they have is not just theoretical.


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The program features 3 different certifications:

Foundation, Professional and Master.

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