That's because our accreditation is a benchmark of quality. EXIN offers accreditation for course ware, training institutes, examination centers and trainers. EXIN provides no training itself and therefore remains objective and independent.

EXIN accreditation is proof that an organization satisfies the requirements set by EXIN for training providers and examination centers with respect to content and supervision.

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When an organization applies for accreditation, an assessment is carried out by an independent auditor. Every organization must at least meet the general quality requirements for business management. The quality requirements differ for each of the elements. To find out about these requirements, make an appointment with EXIN

How long is an accreditation valid?

The accreditation is valid indefinitely. EXIN does, however, check to ensure that the accredited elements of your organization still meet the conditions of accreditation and can thus remain accredited. This check occurs every three years.

What does accreditation cost?

The costs of accreditation differ for each element. All accredited organizations pay a general basic fee.

• An Accredited Training Provider pays the general basic fee + a basic ATP fee. The basic ATP fee includes the accreditation   fee for all Foundation modules. Please note: separate fees apply for the Advanced and Expert modules.  
Contact EXIN to find out the accreditation fees.
• An Accredited Courseware Provider pays the general basic fee as specified above + an amount for each accredited module.
• An Accredited Examination Center pays the general basic fee only.