CCC Professional Cloud Security Manager

CCC Professional Cloud Security Manager teaches candidates to apply security and governance best practice to a cloud environment. This advanced certification references key security issues and guidelines from the Cloud Security Alliance. The course looks at what is needed to manage cloud computing security such as the business, commercial and technical governance. The syllabus features: Course Introduction Cloud Service Management Fundamentals Cloud Service Management Roles Cloud Service Strategy Cloud Service Design, Deployment and Migration Cloud Service Management Cloud Service Economics Cloud Service Governance Showing the Value of Cloud Services to the Business Popular Service Management Frameworks

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CCC Professional Cloud Security Manager
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Tiempo asignado para el examen : 1 hour and 15 minutes
Número de preguntas: 25 (Multiple Choice)
Puntuación mínima para aprobar: 65%
Consulta de libros / apuntes: No
Ayudas / equipos electrónicos permitidos:: No
Nivel: Advanced
Idiomas disponibles: English
Requisitos: Successfully Completed an Accredited CCC Professional Cloud Security Manager Training

Métodos de entrenamiento

  • Classroom based


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