TMap NEXT® Test Engineer

EXIN NEXT® Test Engineer gives professionals the knowledge to create adopt a structured approach to testing. Candidates are taught how tests must be prepared, specified and executed. The exam covers the background knowledge of the techniques, infrastructure, and tools required for successful testing. The syllabus includes: Framework and importance of testing TMap® life cycle acceptance and system tests Development tests Test design

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TMap NEXT® Test Engineer
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Tiempo asignado para el examen : 1 hora
Número de preguntas: 30 (Multiple Choice)
Puntuación mínima para aprobar: 65%
Consulta de libros / apuntes: No
Ayudas / equipos electrónicos permitidos:: No
Nivel: Foundation
Idiomas disponibles: English, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese

Métodos de entrenamiento

  • Classroom based


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