TMap® Suite Test Engineer

The EXIN TMap® Suite Test Engineer certification teaches candidates how tests must be prepared, specified and executed. It covers the background knowledge of the techniques, infrastructure, and tools required for a successful test. TMap® Suite Test Engineer is based on the completely renovated TMap, known as the TMap Suite, which consists of a combination 3 learning resources. These sources consist of the building blocks found on and the books 'TMap NEXT for result-driven testing' and 'Neil's quest for quality, a TMap HD story'. The exam covers: Framework and importance of testing TMap activities and TMap NEXT phases Test design

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TMap® Suite Test Engineer
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Tiempo asignado para el examen : 1 hora
Número de preguntas: 30 (Multiple Choice)
Puntuación mínima para aprobar: 65%
Consulta de libros / apuntes: No
Ayudas / equipos electrónicos permitidos:: No
Nivel: Foundation
Idiomas disponibles: Dutch, English, French

Métodos de entrenamiento

  • Classroom based


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