BEI Krzysztof Politowicz i Partnerzy

ul. Sloneczna 27
05-152 Czeczotki
Czosnow, Poland

BEI Krzysztof Politowicz & Partners had been founded by BEI International owners within the same capital group to provide customers with services in Management Consulting area. Our main goal is to provide Top and Medium level Management with respective tools and techniques to support management process and strategic/tactical decision making.

Scope of activities cover also support in conceptual design of IT systems and supporting processes, which provide effective environment in corporate governance and management, followed by measurable benefits:


Opex costs reduction;

Suport for effective decision making;

Improvement of services & business processes;

Increased Customer Relationship Management process.


Tools and techniques designer by our company follow worldwide acknowledged standards and trends in management consulting, operations management and value management. Furthermore, our approach is to extend these from financial/controlling approach or IT systems to complete MIS solutions, based on:


  Understanding of business model’s context and environment;

  Understanding of required information in regards to strategy and supported markets;

  Value based process modeling, accordingly to agreed business goals;

  „Human factor” in information flow – both within awareness and management; and

  Professional approach to Project Management, based on standardized models.


Apart from defined approach, we are proud that our experts share these values in day-to-day work, and assure they are covered in every activity by our teams.


Our experts are the IT Management Professional, with Business Unit/Corporate Management long-term experience. Furthermore they take a part in various activities like Professional NGOs, Associations plus publication of columns & articles in professional magazines.



Our mission


Our mission is to be trusted advisor for Business & IT Management in corporate/unit management. We do that through activities in following areas:

  • Presentations, tutorials and publications in regards to modern IT Management.
  • Analyzes and audits in regards to maturity and potential development in IT Services,
  • Delivering training, managing events and complex educational programmes in regards to management and operations of IT role in corporate environment.
  • Professional consulting services supporting management process Re-engineering, based on modern, acknowledged standards.
  • Value Based process Re-engineering in IT/Business Units of corporation.


Our values


BEI Krzysztof Politowicz & Partners owners and employees share folllowing values:


  • Collaboration with BEI’s Partners and Customers to maintain and raise the values of their business.
  • Delivery of products on or before deadline and above expected quality.
  • Continua co-work with Customer to build Partnership in supported areas.
  • Set-up of trusted, manageable, innovative business environment for both Customers and our teams.
  • Confidence and security in intellectual rights of our experts and managed Customer’s information.

1.3 Benefits of collaboration with BEI


  • Dedicated, agreed with Customer approach to project/service delivery and control,
  • Using common, agreed golas and benefits – speaking the same language as Customer, allowing Service Management practice to be understood and acknowledged, working on knowledge transfer to Customer organization to assure the best utilization of Service Management philosophy and techniques (state-of-the-art solutions),
  • “Quick Wins” policy applied to all activities – leading to presentation of effects as soon as they are observed,
  • Professional approach to services offered, allowing continual collaboration as well as own Customer’s initiatives, independent from BEI involvement.