Upbeat Agile

2941 Aerial Drive Frisco Texas 75033, United States

Upbeat Agile is a flagship product from Zenith Infoway LLC. Zenith Infoway LLC was founded in 2011 by spouses Srinivas Jonnalagadda and Lakshmi Sariytha Adharapurapu. The spouses have a combined experience of more than 40 years in Software Engineering and Project Management. Saritha is a Senior Data Engineer with expertise in ETL and Snowflake. Srinivas is a Software Engineering Manager and Software Developer. 

Upbeat Agile was founded in 2021 once Srinivas (Srini Jo) accomplished the required certifications including:

  1. Certified Scrum Professional
  2. SAFE 5.0 POPM
  3. SAFE 5.0 Practitioner
  4. Project Management Professional  


    Our mission is to become the best supportive tool for professionals who strive to explore and apply Agile values, principles, practices, and to be the positive change around them. We are passionate about being the change we want to see in the world.


    We envision a world where every professional, passionately practices Agile, provide value to workplace, and be the positive change around them.