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Global Knowledge Network Netherlands BV

Global Knowledge delivers what technology and business process can’t—skills.
Whether you realize it or not, skills are the key limiter to your success.
Technology and process are crucial for accomplishing organizational objectives, but they’ve been democratized by the digital revolution. The larger issue are the skill gaps hijacking your technology return on investments. As a result, organizations who are successfully using technology to accelerate success are also successfully transforming the capabilities of their people to maximize investments.

Strategically located around the world—and online
Since 1995, we’ve grown to 15 offices and 1,500 employees. Our U.S.-based corporate headquarters is located in Cary, North Carolina. Canadian headquarters are in Toronto, and our Europe, Middle East and Africa headquarters are in Wokingham, UK.

International locations: Belgium, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, France, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Spain, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, the United Kingdom and, via partnership, Colombia, India and Mexico.

Between our international locations and online capabilities, we deliver what you need, when and where you need it and to who needs it. And we do it every day.