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GoodCert is your go-to source for entertaining and enlightening IT management training

Why GoodCert

We strive to provide the best online, self-paced courses for VeriSM, Lean IT, Agile Scrum and DevOps.

We know you're busy and being pulled in many directions on a daily basis. That makes it challenging to stay cooped up in a classroom for hours or days. After all, you’d just be thinking about the other things you need to do.

We do things differently around here

We take e-learning seriously at GoodCert, and we teach you in the way you learn best. You won’t find a dubbed slideshow; that's too boring for our approach.

Whether you call it flex learning, e-learning, micro-learning, or even virtual learning, it means the same thing: you learn on your schedule, no matter where you are, with lessons on the go.

Complete a lesson during your kid's soccer practice or on the train to work. Each micro-lesson lasts 10-15 minutes, and you can participate on any mobile device.

Yep, we’re awesome—just like you

If you’ve never considered a flex learning alternative, now’s the time to get out of your comfort zone! Try GoodCert.

Available qualification programs

EXIN Agile Scrum

EXIN Agile Scrum is the world’s first certification program to combine Agile service management with the Scrum process framework. Scrum is being used by over 70% of Agile teams* which makes this an ideal combination. The advantages of using Agile include increased productivity, improved visibility and being better able to deal with changing priorities. These benefits have led to it being adopted across a wide range of disciplines and organizations and not just in software development.

*The 10th Annual State of Agile report

Lean IT

By applying principles borrowed from lean manufacturing the IT industry has embraced a new way of working. This lean method focuses on reducing waste through the elimination of work that adds no value to a service or product. Lean IT aims to instill a continuous improvement mindset within organizations. This is done striving to understand customer value, the processes that deliver that value and the needed attitude to achieve that value. The Lean IT certifications offered by EXIN have been developed by the Lean IT Association (LITA). This non-profit organization comprises 3 examination institutes (APMG, EXIN and PEOPLECERT) and 3 accredited training organizations (ITpreneurs, Pink Elephant and Quint Wellington Redwood).


DevOps enables organizations to decrease time to market for new releases, software, or services by encouraging a collaborative approach from development and operations teams. The adoption of DevOps creates an environment where productivity is increased through the automation of processes around infrastructure and workflows. EXIN has created the DevOps certification program to empower IT professionals with the skills to effectively manage a multidisciplinary team whilst simultaneously improving the speed and reliability of product delivery.


VeriSM™ is a Service Management approach for the digital age. It helps organizations to work flexibly, focus on business value, and understand the many progressive practices available. The certification program is based on the VeriSM™ model which emphasizes organizational goals and outcomes. It includes a management mesh which offers a flexible approach that can be adapted to suit timely establishment and improvement of products or services. The mesh includes resources, environment, technologies and management practices. The program literature, the VeriSM™ Body of Knowledge, was created with over 70 contributing authors and reviewers including thought leaders in the domain of Service Management from all over the world.