EXIN Dynamic Project Management Method Foundation

EXIN Dynamic Project Management Method Foundation (DPMM®) certification confirms that the professional understands the basic principles, practices and processes of an agile, consistent and methodological approach in managing projects.​

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The EXIN Dynamic Project Management Method Foundation (DPMM®) is developed for professionals aspiring to roles that involve managing projects with agile principles. More specifically:

  • Aspiring project managers who want to learn managing projects with agile principles
  • Members of project teams.
  • Team leaders who want to apply agile principles to improve project performance
  • Business managers seeking to oversee projects more efficiently.

  • Project Goals: Goal dimensions, tolerances, and goal determination. 
  • Project Context: Influencing parameters for projects. 
  • DPMM® Principles: Principles for DPMM® projects. 
  • Agility: Agile mindset, basic understanding of agility, and its application in the project. 
  • Organization: Project roles and their responsibilities, stakeholder management. 
  • Planning: Plans, component-based planning, and integration of various delivery approaches. 
  • Quality Management: Ensuring product characteristics. 
  • Issue Management: Changes and clarifications during the project. 
  • Risk Management: Dealing with risks in the project. 
  • DPMM® Processes: Project control, project planning, project operation, and team operation. 

Dynamic Project Management Method ((DPMM®) Reference book​ — Available for free! 

EXIN Agile, DevOps and Lean

  • An agile way of working is integrated in DPMM®.
  • Every project in the Dev stage of DevOps can benefit from a systematic but dynamic approach​.
  • Lean Six Sigma works in projects to optimize processes.

EXIN Business & Service Management

Every major change in the business or in its service processes needs to be established as a project.

EXIN Data Protection & Security

A major change of legislation or regulation needs a systematic project approach.

EXIN Technologies & Software

A dynamic project approach is relevant for major changes in applications, in infrastructure but also for smaller projects like gathering data for a specific purpose​.

Key Benefits

  • Earn your digital badge and get recognized
  • High quality certification mapped to a recognized skills framework (e-CF)
  • Free learning materials
  • Free reference guide to download
  • Lifetime validity of the certificate

Details & downloads

01 hour
Number of Questions:
40 (Multiple Choice)
Pass mark:
Open book:
Electronic equipment allowed:
ECTS Credits:
Requirements for certification:
  • Successful completion of the EXIN Dynamic Project Management Method Foundation (DPMM®) exam.