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EXIN strives to help businesses and individuals reach success. As your ICT

Competence Partner, we support lifelong learning. Because the world around us is

changing constantly, we have to change the way we work, learn and develop ourselves. And that process influences again the world we are living in.


ICT Competences are built up of knowledge, skills and attitudes. EXIN focuses on

expanding the knowledge of ICT Professionals by applying our expertise in validating

their competences. To support continuous growth, EXIN offers internationally

recognized certification programs that cover all ICT competence areas. These

competence areas are derived from the internationally recognized European e-

Competence Framework (e-CF). EXIN was directly involved in the initial development

of the e-CF and brings the framework into practice today.


EXIN has structured and positioned its entire certification portfolio in line with the e-

CF. This consistent approach to validating competences, combined with over 30 years

of experience in examination development and delivery, makes EXIN the logical choice

as your global, independent competence partner for certification and accreditation in

the field of ICT.

EXIN’s mission is to be the world's leading provider of independent information management certification and accreditation. Ambitious? Sure. Too ambitious? Definitely not. We offer the most comprehensive portfolio of certificates and we cooperate with hundreds of accredited partners worldwide. These partners provide training, develop courseware and manage examination centers that provide a secure place for examination and certification.


That’s why EXIN, with over 30 years of experience in validating competences, is your trusted partner for ICT certification. This brochure provides you with a complete overview of our internationally recognized certifications programs.

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exin. your ict competence partner

exin offers an integrated competence portfolio

EXIN’s certification programs cover all of the key ICT competence areas which are described by the internationally recognized competence framework, the e-CF. The connections between the various EXIN programs and the competence areas MANAGE, PLAN, BUILD, RUN and ENABLE are made visible by different colors.

competence area manage

The tactical e-competences in this area represent the daily business administration and improvement of the ICT process. MANAGE processes occur at all underlying operative BUILD and RUN, and the strategic PLAN and ENABLE ICT business processes.


competence area PLAN

The e-competences in this area represent the strategic preparatory activities such as conceiving and developing products, services and

solutions within the ICT process.


competence area build

The operative e-competences in this area represent the development and implementation of products, services and solutions.

competence area RUN

The operative e-competences during the RUN phase represent the provision, support and maintenance of the products, services, and solutions delivered and deployed.

competence area enable

The strategic e-competences in this area represent supporting the activities within the ICT process.

the exin portfolio divideD into

logical areas.

EXIN recognizes nine ICT domains to categorize its certification portfolio, and the color scheme is indicative of the position of the different areas as mapped to the e-CF. The nine domains are divided into the five areas of the e-CF:

the exin portfolio

the related competence areas explained

Learn more about the related area’s by clicking the various parts in the pie.






competence area manage

protect your business

Governance & (Cyber) Security

The rise of mobile and the explosion of data has resulted in the increasing need to pay attention to security, in order to reduce corporate risk and protect your own and your customers’ assets. Cybercrime is on the rise and can have devastating results. With an estimated 95% of all security incidents involving human error, people can be your strongest or your weakest link. EXIN offers a wide range of relevant certifications in the domain of GOVERNANCE & (CYBER) SECURITY, catering to all roles and levels within an organization, so you have all the right knowledge in house to protect your business.

(Agile) Project & Program Management

The success of projects and programs is dependent upon a structured approach, whereby there is a shared understanding within the organization. At the same time, the changing way we do business today requires the need for fresh approaches such as Agile, which enable increased flexibility and the ability to respond quickly to change. EXIN offers a wide range of certifications that are focused on (AGILE) PROJECT & PROGRAM MANAGEMENT.

competence area plan

improve your corporate image and reduce costs


Whilst sustainability conjures up images of saving rainforests and slowing down climate change, most businesses are starting to realize the economic benefits of putting sustainability high on their agenda. Sustainable approaches enable businesses to realize significant cost savings, as well as making sure they are doing ‘the right things’, from both a customer viewpoint as well as a broader corporate social responsibility perspective. EXIN offers certification in the domain of SUSTAINABILITY, to help your organization improve its efficiency and prepare for a long term future.


Business Information Management

Businesses need to plan for the way in which business information is managed and handled, especially considering the recent explosion of data. A high volume of data is very valuable to a business when managed and exploited optimally, but can lead to chaos and even corporate risk if poorly managed. In addition, specific attention needs to be paid to the demand side of ICT, to ensure that your business is not at the mercy of IT vendors. EXIN offers certification in the domain of BUSINESS INFORMATION MANAGEMENT to enable businesses to overcome these challenges.

competence area build

don't get left behind, innovate!

Software Development

In this new, flexible and dynamic business environment companies need to be focused on continuous innovation. ICT has a central role to play in enabling this. EXIN offers certification programs that address the need for innovative, flexible software development, taking into account the rise of cybercrime and the development of new technologies and approaches such as Cloud Computing and Agile.



Software needs to be developed and tested in such a way that ensures it is resilient to cyber-attack and fit for purpose. Testing is a critical activity which delivers significant cost savings within an organization. Testing also contributes in a key way to customer satisfaction, since it helps ensure that the product which is delivered to the customer is fit for purpose and fulfils the requirements. With the EXIN TESTING portfolio, your business is assured to develop and deploy software that is secure, customer tailored and cost-effective.

competence area run

retain your competitive edge

IT Service Management

The true value of services is realized once they are operational and are delivering value to the customer. Once services have become business as usual, IT Service Management frameworks and standards can be applied to optimize the effectiveness and efficiency of the services. This creates a culture of continual improvement and ensures compliance where required. EXIN offers a number of certification programs that enable businesses to differentiate themselves in an increasingly competitive marketplace by using IT SERVICE MANAGEMENT.


competence area enable

Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing signifies a major shift in the roles and responsibilities of ICT. The provision and procurement of internet-based IT services offers many prospects in terms of scalability, cost reduction and higher efficiency – as well as business innovation opportunities. EXIN offers certification in the domain of Cloud Computing to help prepare professionals to embrace the opportunities offered by the Cloud, whilst remaining in control of Cloud services.

Data Centre Management

Data centers need to be carefully managed, as they play an important role in enabling the cutting edge IT services demanded by the business environment today, and business critical services often rely on them. If the Data Centre is down then the business comes to a grinding halt, potentially causing huge direct and indirect losses to the business. EXIN offers a customized certification program related to Data Centre Management, in partnership with EPI.

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