EXIN BCS SIAM™ Professional

EXIN BCS SIAM™ Professional tests a candidate’s knowledge of the application of SIAM™ to situations and the candidate’s ability to further analyze the SIAM concepts. The certification looks at managing multiple service providers and integrating them seamlessly to provide a single business-facing IT organization. It also looks at the knowledge and skills required to navigate the 4 stages of the SIAM roadmap.

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EXIN BCS SIAM™ Professional
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Examenduur : 1 hour and 30 minutes
Aantal vragen: 40 (Meerkeuze vragen)
Cesuur: 65%
Open boek/notities: Nee
Elektronische hulpmiddelen toegestaan: Nee
Niveau: Gevorderd
Beschikbare talen: English, Japanese
Vereisten: Accredited SIAM™ Professional training, including successful completion of the Practical Assignments.


  • Classroom based
  • E-Learning


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