Taking Service Management to the Next Level with SIAM™ – An Interview with Ryochi Yaochi, Solutions Architect at ServiceNow Japan.

Service Integration and Management (SIAM) has been gathering a following, slowly but steadily, over the past 10 or so years. There are a number of reasons for this. The main ones being that not only are organizations more often outsourcing specialist skills or knowledge regarding IT services, but they are often also outsourcing to multiple service providers. SIAM came out of the need to unify and manage these service providers so that the managing of the services itself doesn’t become a burden to the organization.

Managing a multiple-provider environment is now the norm. We asked Ryoichi Yaochi, a Solutions Architect in the Advisory Services Department, Customer Outcomes Head Office of ServiceNow Japan, about how he uses SIAM, and about its potential. He describes SIAM as “an effective framework for improving the management of IT services in conjunction with ITIL.”

Naturally, it makes sense to combine the existing knowledge with new practices within your organization. This way, you can build on what has already been achieved. There are a lot of organizations that have built their IT service management approach on ITIL. Ryoichi Yaochi has also been working with ITIL at ServiceNow but has combined it with SIAM because ‘supplementing your ITIL knowledge with SIAM will surely be indispensable. The SIAM framework is definitely an effective tool for taking service management to the next stage.’

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