Why add SIAM to your portfolio?

Demand for SIAM is increasing.

With digital transformation spreading across organizations globally, there is an increased need for SIAM. As organizations outsource to specialists to be better able to offer top quality services to their customers, they need to optimize this process. Professionals will need to be educated about SIAM and a certification will provide them with evidence and recognition of their competences.


The certifications are based on the SIAM Body of Knowledge. This BoK was developed by program architect Scopism in conjunction with an expert team.The team has extensive knowledge of, and background in, IT Service Management.

The combination of the expertise offers by Scopism and EXIN’s high-quality exam development means that the EXIN SIAM™ program is internationally recognized as being of an excellent standard.


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The need for SIAM certifications is increasing as more organizations implement a SIAM approach to better handle dealing with different suppliers.

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