About EXIN Anywhere

EXIN Anywhere lets you take the exam for your certification online. This means taking your exam at a time and location convenient to you. So this can be at home, in a meeting room at the office or in any other secluded space where else you feel comfortable. The only conditions are that you have an internet connection, a laptop that meets the requirements and that there is no one else in the room with you.


Video or Live Proctoring

When you take your exam with EXIN Anywhere you can choose between video or live proctoring. In the case of video proctoring, a recording will be made to objectively judge your exam performance after you have taken it.

Start the Configuration Test before booking a video proctored exam.

With live proctoring, a proctor monitors you in real time whilst you take the exam.


Why EXIN Anywhere?


  • Take your exam where you are comfortable
  • Plan your exam at a time to suit you
  • No need to travel
  • Choose between video or live proctoring
  • Take your exam anytime within 21 days of booking

EXIN Anywhere Do's and Don'ts