The Accreditation Process

To be able to offer EXIN exams, training or courseware, partners must be accredited. The process involves submitting information and undergoing an assessment by an independent auditor. To make the process as smooth as possible, read more about the different steps.

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As a trainer, I help you gain a deep understanding of what DevOps is. Then you can fulfill the role of a DevOps Master who facilitates, improves and leads their team.

Antonio Valle
Antonio Valle
G2, Gobierno y Gestión de TI
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EXIN is known for offering the highest quality certifications for IT professionals. By working with subject matter experts and remaining objective, EXIN is able to create exams that are internationally acknowledged for their caliber. Organizations that are accredited benefit from being able to offer exams that are certified by EXIN to conform to the highest standards. Read more about the benefits and types of accreditation.

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The Move Towards Competency-Based Development for IT Professionals

Master your IT Skills In the digital age, it is people that matter more than ever. A recent study by PWC shows that 77% of CEOs see the availability of key skills as the biggest business threat. The challenge isn’t necessarily finding new and innovative ways of accessing the talent...