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Service Manager Day 2018 – 22nd of March 2018

Service intelligence is a way to give substance to the trend of integrating people and new technologies within the IT service market. Speakers will discuss the relationship between evolving best practices and technological trends. The way to facilitate this changeability is by organizing intelligence. Intelligence gives organizations the opportunity to take the right decisions at […]

VeriSM: There’s a New ITSM Good Practice Approach in Town – By Stephen Mann

ITIL has been the IT service management (ITSM) best, or good, practice “frontrunner” since the 1990s despite the birth, or evolution, of other approaches. And there’s no doubting that it has helped tens of thousands of organizations. However, the latest version of ITIL was released over six years ago and, despite the release of ITIL Practitioner […]

DNA chain of Verism™

VeriSM™ is like an infinite DNA chain that covers the entire organization and creates its vital tissue. On the one hand, the consumer, which consumes services, products and functionality and on the other hand the Service Provider, which provides services, products and functionality. On the client side: V as Value-driven, R like Responsive, S as […]

“ITIL® is DEAD!!!” “Long live ITIL®!!!” – By Suzanne Van Hove

There are two trains of thought in those sentiments and with the announcement of VeriSM™, both resonant to service managers. First and foremost, VeriSM is not replacing ITIL. Period. Read that statement again. Frankly, VeriSM isn’t replacing anything. VeriSM is about “changing the view” of service management. Service management must be incorporated organizationally wide, not just as […]

VeriSM™ in a VUCA World

Well, I doubt by now that there is anyone in the service management industry that has not heard about VeriSM™. If you haven’t click on this link to the official website page, this link to the official LinkedIn group or have a look at some of the conversations taking place on the Back2ITSM Facebook page – always a good source of […]