Cranford contribute to VeriSM: The future of service management.

You can’t have failed to see the launch of VeriSM in the last week by IFDC.

VeriSM has been launched to help businesses be successful in this digital world. It’s a truly huge project which shows organisations how they can adopt a range of management practices in a flexible way. It shows businesses how they can deliver the right product or service at the right time to their users through IT.

VeriSM has been launched as a global architect project with numerous commentators from renowned organisations in the public and private sector.

I’m sure you can imagine we were thrilled to be asked to be involved as Cranford’s input will reach a worldwide audience as a contributor to the VeriSM book aligning ourselves with a leading group including ServiceNow, IBM, Cherwell, Sunview Software, NHS Digital, Atlassian, Auto Trader and Happy Signals.

We were asked to share our knowledge and expert opinion on the state of the outsourced resource industry and the skills and attitude that people need to have to be at the top of their game in the job market. It’s a truly proud moment for us as a business.

We discuss the workplace of now, the challenges ahead, personal branding, culture skills and attitude as well as aptitude!

We believe that VeriSM comes at a great time as we are in a state of digital disruption and as individuals and businesses we need all the help we can get!

It’s felt like a tide of change has been coming to the industry for a while as the IT department cast off their typically isolated position and were slowly recognised as the lynch-pin to mastering success in the digital arena.

With great change and the emergence of new ways of doing things, new movements, certifications and attitudes, what became clear from speaking to organisations looking to source staff was a feeling of uncertainty about which way to go and how to do it.

These companies no doubt know they need to be Agile, embrace DevOps and carry on using all their ITIL knowledge built up over years. They might be starting to outsource and want to know more about SIAM but they are still stuck talking in silos. They are potentially dealing with legacy IT, staff that are being shaken from direction to direction and the need to increase or decrease staff numbers and knowledge to survive. VeriSM and the knowledge within can help steer a course through these turbulent waters!

VeriSM is launching across various events this winter and you can read more about the project roll out, and the book on their website.