DNA chain of Verism™

VeriSM™ is like an infinite DNA chain that covers the entire organization and creates its vital tissue. On the one hand, the consumer, which consumes services, products and functionality and on the other hand the Service Provider, which provides services, products and functionality.

On the client side:

V as Value-driven,

R like Responsive,

S as a Service that the Consumer needs and wants,

And on the side of the service provider:

E like Evolving,

And as Integrated,

M as Management.

They are connected and form the tissue of the organization’s life.

This chain I prepared for my student to help them memorize acronym VeriSM™, however I presented in two side because V like value-driven is from perspective of the customers never from vendor or provider and all E, I, M are more from Vendor perspective and the customer also is involved and can influence 🙂

In opposite V, R, S should be always consider from customer perspective first and then vendor can react 🙂

The VeriSM™ is like DNA chain never ending story… am I right?