Introducing Suzanne Galletly – VeriSM™ Chief Examiner

Since the launch of VeriSM™ in January, there has been a lot of buzz around the book, the authors, and the different certifications. As part of an initiative to show some more of the people behind the program, we’d like to introduce you to Suzanne Galletly, Chief Examiner for VeriSM™ with the IFDC and Portfolio Director at EXIN.


Suzanne on VeriSM™ – “Many organizations are today facing their biggest challenge in years. They are confronted with challenging questions such as: How do we make the most of the opportunities offered by the digital transformation, and ensure we don’t get left behind? How can we make sense of the confusing landscape of management practices and emerging technologies out there? And having solved the issue of departmental silos, how can we now prevent project silos and make sure that everything is governed under one model? The VeriSM™ approach helps organizations to find answers to these questions and more, so they can build on their existing investments and take the next step in maturing their service management capability to be digital-ready. The Professional with the right competences to help organizations with this transition is a very valuable asset.”


We asked Suzanne some questions about her connections to and passion for VeriSM™. As Chief Examiner for VeriSM™ (IFDC), Suzanne has been able to closely follow the launch of this new service management approach and see firsthand how the market has responded to this innovative program.


How did you get started in VeriSM™?

Actually, I was involved in some of the early thinking around VeriSM™, in terms of investigating which challenges organizations are facing right now and defining what kind of approach was required to help face those challenges and help organizations prepare for the digital age. I have a background in competence development and managing certification portfolios, specifically in the area of Service Management, so it was a logical step for the IFDC to approach me for the role of Chief Examiner for VeriSM™.


What drives you to keep learning about VeriSM™?

Well, VeriSM™ is of course very new! But it will continue to evolve as new ways of thinking develop and come to the fore. That’s actually one of the things I really like about VeriSM™ – it is an evolution as opposed to a revolution. VeriSM™ can actually help protect your existing investments, as it helps you build on them, and combine what you already have with newer technologies and practices, to be more successful. And the fact that you can govern the resulting mix under one model means you can integrate all of the elements in the mesh and avoid the emergence of silo projects.


What are the benefits of getting certified in VeriSM™?

The digital age puts new demands on professionals, in terms of the competences they need to master. This includes knowledge of how to leverage progressive management practices and emerging technologies, but also more behavioral elements, such as how to develop a service mindset and shift to more collaborative ways of working and thinking. Getting VeriSM™ certified will help Professionals stay up to date in today’s competitive marketplace, to make sure they are still market relevant and also to give them more confidence in performing their role.


Which new trends are you expecting in the coming year for VeriSM™?

After the introduction book was published, the reactions to VeriSM™ were very positive and this led quickly to a request for more detailed guidance. How do you apply the VeriSM™ model in practice? How do you define and optimize the management mesh? And how does VeriSM™ relate to other approaches and well-known frameworks and standards? Providing answers to these questions, by producing additional guidance and white papers, will be the focus of VeriSM™ in the coming year.

Read Questions and Answers VeriSM™ training and certification pdf for more information about VeriSM™!


About Suzanne Galletly

As Portfolio Director at EXIN, Suzanne is responsible for the development of EXIN’s certification portfolio, in line with market needs. Suzanne is certified in several progressive areas such as Agile Scrum, SIAM and VeriSM™, as well as in more traditional areas such as ITIL Expert, ISO/IEC 20000 Consultant, PRINCE2 Practitioner and MoP Practitioner. Suzanne has 7 years’ experience in the IT services industry followed by more than 12 years’ experience of competence development in the IT certification industry.

Next to her role within EXIN, in 2017 Suzanne was appointed Chief Examiner for VeriSM™ by the newly established International Foundation for Digital Competences (IFDC). Suzanne is responsible for ensuring there is optimal alignment between the VeriSM™ approach and the VeriSM™ professional certification scheme.