Microsoft Interview: Leveraging VeriSM™ and SIAM™ expertise in Japan

Since the turn of the century, IT is synonymous with modern business. Now, how you use IT is becoming more important as an organization that uses IT badly is quickly left behind whilst competitors who do become the next big thing. Figuring out how to strategically and effectively leverage IT has become crucial to driving business potential and growth. Digital transformation is the key to this success. It means using the latest digital technologies to transform the strategies, products, and workflows of companies. Two of the most beneficial skills for advancing DX are VeriSM™ and SIAM™. Many companies worry about the radical changes that times like these bring. These companies require easy-to-understand proposals. Experts in leveraging VeriSM and SIAM can show concerned companies the way forward.

The Solution Assessment Team in the Marketing & Operations Department at Microsoft Japan Co., Ltd., have turned themselves into a consulting team to offer proposals of value to customers opting to move away from traditional work styles. This is where leveraging VeriSM and SIAM come in handy. Nobuyuki Teshima sums up the benefits:

Having studied both VeriSM and SIAM, I think that everyone in all sorts of Japanese companies, from management to employees, should seek to understand VeriSM in particular. SIAM looks at how to integrate services, while the ideas behind VeriSM can apply to not just IT but all departments including HR, Finance, and Sales. Especially companies that are currently trying to promote the digitization of work through work reforms, etc., would be able to improve their company-wide performance if they were to study VeriSM then SIAM.

Download the interview with Nobuyuki Teshima (Director, Solution Assessment Team, Marketing & Operations), Shunpeita Miura (SR SAM Engagement Manager, Solution Assessment Team, Marketing & Operations) and Kanji Kato (Technical Architect, oft Technology Center) to find out more about the possibilities that VeriSM and SIAM offer.

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