ServiceNow focus on VeriSM™, defining a new age for services management

I’m delighted to get the opportunity to share a few thoughts in line with ServiceNow’s involvement and participation at the ITSM17 conference and exhibition. Now moved to a superb new venue in the northern powerhouse city of Manchester, ITSM17 delivered a wealth of engaging content to help IT professionals hone their skills in enterprise level cloud-based Service Management, DevOps and Customer Experience and produced some interesting takeaways.

ServiceNow shares ITSMFUK’s current vision to embrace new more customer centric practices within service management and we see the launch of VeriSM™ as a key enabling framework, approach and methodology for services-centric computing and the management of assets and resources. As the age of ITIL dominance now passes, this ‘changing of the guard’ gives us the opportunity to adopt VeriSM™ as a route to working smarter – not harder.

Management mesh

With many of the ITSM17 attendees and speakers keen to discover how they can apply VeriSM™ inside their own organisations, the VeriSM™ ‘management mesh’ will be a crucial means of firms understanding how much flexibility there is in this approach. The management mesh itself clarifies exactly how VeriSM™ can be flexibly adapted to the differing needs of every use case in terms of resources, deployment environment and management practices.

ITSMFUK have talked openly about the need to apply service management across the whole business, not just the IT department, as organisations seek to be more successful. ServiceNow shares this view and agrees that firms need to use service management to apply problem solving processes to business use cases that never stick too rigidly to one particular way of doing things. In a world of digital disruption and transformation, it’s important to stay Agile with a capital A.

Today we know that VeriSM™ helps organisations define their service management principles, but there is so much more to discover tomorrow. Going forward, we will see how VeriSM™ can act as the new framework for the digital era that brings together an approach to managing and harnessing all other methodologies and models from DevOps to AIOps, COBIT, BRM, SIAM, ITIL and more.

IT in the Park

ServiceNow is also getting involved with the IT in the Park event in Edinburgh this year. A coming together of service management professionals keen to share knowledge, expertise and best practices, this event also appears to be going from strength to strength.

I will be using my appearance in the Scottish capital to talk about how the consumer world is influencing enterprises all over the world with pervasive technology that is enabling higher levels of productivity and efficiency across all departments, not just IT. By leveraging the great work and methods IT has been doing for years, Line of Business (LoB) functions in all industry verticals are now able to adapt and adopt at a pace never seen before by leveraging a single platform for Automation, Intelligence and Experience.

The real secret sauce to services management should always be one built on a recipe for make peoples’ lives better. Here’s to the continued success of the ITSM17 conference and IT in the Park as key events that share knowledge and spread the love.


ServiceNow has an exciting view of the future of business and a world where we work smarter and live better as individuals. We are investing in our own software stack with a vision to drive improved tooling across our technology roadmap. Our recent acquisition of SkyGiraffe allows our customers to deploy live production mobile apps in a day with no front-end coding required — and ServiceNow’s acquisition of a customer experience-focused UX design agency Digital Telepathy reinforces our focus on user health, harmony and happiness.

Author: Chris Pope, VP of strategy and innovation at ServiceNow