VeriSM™ Consultant Workshop – What did the Participants Think?

VeriSM Consultant Workshop

On the 3rd and 4th of September, the second edition of the EXIN VeriSM Consultant Workshop will be taking place following a very successful first edition. If you missed it, you’re probably wondering: What was the Consultant Workshop? And what did the attendees think? But perhaps most importantly, could I benefit from attending? We asked Suzanne Galletly, EXIN Portfolio Director, to explain.

What was the VeriSM Consultant Workshop?

The VeriSM Consultant Workshop was an online event that was created to support Digital Transformation and Service Management consultants, and aspiring consultants, to get to grips with the elements of VeriSM that can make the difference for organizations. The original VeriSM Consultant Workshop took place on the 24th and 25th of June. It was attended by twenty professionals from fifteen different countries, which just goes to show that VeriSM is relevant all over the world. Over the course of the two days, the professionals who attended found out more about how VeriSM can be instrumental in enabling organizations in their journey to digital transformation.

Who else contributed to the workshop?

We invited a number of VeriSM authors and service management experts to contribute to the workshop by giving presentations, leading workshops, and taking part in a panel discussion. We were very happy that all three of the lead authors of VeriSM Unwrapped and Applied were able to join. Suzanne van Hove led a workshop about the Management Mesh. Whilst Claire Agutter and Johann Botha were joined by Simone-Jo Moore (SJM | The Mixologist) for a panel session discussing VeriSM and Digital Transformation. On the first day, I had the pleasure of presenting the VeriSM ’10 Steps to Successful Digital Transformation’ session, with Steve Leach (Service Manager at Cloud Gateway), David Barrow (ITSM consultant), and Valence Howden (Principal Research Director Info-Tech Research Group) making key contributions by sharing their own experiences of putting VeriSM into practice.

Why did EXIN create the workshop?

We created the workshop in response to the demand that we had seen for a hands-on session for professionals who wanted to get to grips with VeriSM within the context of consultancy. Consultants often combine multiple service management solutions in order to support the company that hired them. VeriSM is unique in the way that it combines already existing practices and innovative technologies into a more holistic way forward. In light of this, VeriSM can be a very useful addition to the toolkit of consultants everywhere.

How does the Management Mesh help?

The key to visualizing this way forward is the Management Mesh. The mesh is designed to represent elements that contribute to product and service delivery, such as resources, the environment, management practices, and emerging technologies that are used by the organization. This is why we placed quite some focus during the workshop on how to use the Management Mesh. By combining this workshop with information about real-life examples where VeriSM was being used, we hope to have equipped the attendees with the information they need to get started with VeriSM in any setting.

What did the attendees think?

Even before the workshop took place, Sigrid Jansen (EXIN Community Manager and IFDC VeriSM Manager), was in touch with the attendees to find out about what they wanted from the workshop. We were very happy to see that several of the professionals who signed up were looking to get exactly the experience we anticipated. Tomosato Hiroki told us:

We have recently begun to apply the VeriSM concept in our consulting delivery and I would like to get practical knowledge from VeriSM experts at the workshop. Also, since the workshops will be offered online, I can attend from Japan. – Tomosato Hiroki (CEO IT Value Experts, Japan)

This was echoed by Santiago lo Bianco who informed us that he wanted to gain more insight into practical examples:

To develop a deeper knowledge of the practical application of VeriSM. To engage with high reputation Service Management professionals. – Santiago lo Bianco (IT Service Management Analyst | ITIL 4 Managing Professional, ITIL v3 Expert) 

Hearing this from the attendees themselves was a great sign that the concept of the workshop was really what people were looking for!

What about after the workshop?

Overall, we received very positive feedback about the workshop. The fact that we were able to offer an interactive session in a time when physical events were no longer possible was very much appreciated. Aside from that, the attendees were happy with the interactive nature of the sessions and especially being able to interact with the lead authors:

‘I really liked the insights shared from real life examples. The panel session and of course the interaction. I think the interaction was also a key to make this session so successful. – Mario Schlangenotto (IT Service & Program/Project Management Professional)

Another element that received lots of positive feedback was the session with Suzanne van Hove about the Management Mesh. Suzanne has a wealth of experience in speaking about VeriSM and specifically the Management Mesh which is why she was our first choice for this workshop. She has a way of bringing the concepts that underpin the mesh to life that makes it easy for people to understand and apply:

The VeriSM workshop provided a solid overview of the how VeriSM can be applied in a real live scenario. The hosts where extremely knowledgeable, as we had several authors here that is an understatement. On day two the practical exercise gives the attendees a nice hands on experience in the dialogue between Suzanne, the attendees and myself. A very nice interactive and consolidated workshop to provide you with a good set of tools and knowledge to find your way in the world of VeriSM. – Rob van der Burg (Microsoft)

And the fact that it can be combined with other frameworks is one of the keys to VeriSM’s flexibility. It can be applied in combination with so many other methodologies, processes, tools, and more. The adaptability is what makes VeriSM future proof and a true ‘service management approach for the digital age’.

Could I benefit from attending the VeriSM Consultant workshop?

That depends! If you are a consultant in the service management domain or aspiring to be one, then yes, definitely! But the workshop isn’t just useful for consultants, to be honest. Anyone who knows enough about VeriSM to want to adopt and apply it in their organization could benefit from taking part in the workshop, as it will really give you a grip on where to start and provide lots of inspiration in the form of real-life examples!


See you in September?

Suzanne Galletly and a whole host of VeriSM experts, including the three lead authors, will be back in September with the second edition of the VeriSM Consultant Workshop. Do you want to find out more about the workshop or do you want to buy a ticket?

VeriSM Consultant Workshop

EXIN is also organizing a number of different events aside from the second edition in September. There will also be several regional editions that will look at VeriSM within the context of the local market and will cater more specifically to the needs of professionals in those countries. The first regions that are already preparing are Brazil and China. If you’d like to be kept informed about these or any future events, please don’t hesitate to sign up for our monthly newsletter ‘Inspiration Bytes’, which features information about events, new products, blogs, and more.

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