Why get Verism certified?

  • VeriSM™ Foundation is suitable both for professionals who are new to Service Management as well as those already working within a Service Management environment.
  • The number of job vacancies that mention VeriSM as a pre-requisite is increasing, as is the demand for professionals being able to prove the practical skills they have. Getting certified is an investment in your career for the long term.
  • Being tested on a topic shows a significant increase in the retention of the learned information. This is known as the Testing Effect and improves the ability to remember what has been learned in the long term.

What makes VeriSM Unique

By The Community

VeriSM was created by the community. There are many different industry experts who have contributed to or authored the VeriSM books.

For the Community

VeriSM was created in response to a need from the Service Management community for something to bring existing practises together.


As VeriSM looks to combine the existing methodologies or techniques your organizations use, it can’t become dated. It’s as up to date as your organization!


VeriSM makes sure that existing knowledge or learning of IT Service Management practices doesn’t go to waste. VeriSM is an addition and not a replacement!

Participating partners

EXIN eLearning Partners

One of the quickest and easiest ways to get certified is to take advantage of eLearning. Our partners have put together engaging content on interactive platforms to ensure that you are able to get VeriSM certified successfully! By opting for eLearning, you can study whenever and wherever you like with extra support and motivation.

You can choose from any of the EXIN partners below who have put together a special certification package! This includes an eLearning module and the exam itself. All you have to do is choose a partner, study the material on their eLearning platform, and take your exam! You could be certified in no time!

Choose a Partner


2Grips offers VeriSM eLearning in English.

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get ITright offers VeriSM eLearning in English.

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GogoTraining offers VeriSM eLearning in English.

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GoodCert offers VeriSM eLearning in English and Spanish.

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ITSM Zone offers VeriSM eLearning in English.

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ITSM Academy

ITSM Academy offers VeriSM eLearning in Dutch.

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Pink Elephant

Pink Elephant offers VeriSM eLearning in Dutch.

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