Webinar: The magical management mesh – the VeriSM-model explained

In the run-up to the launch of the second VeriSM book (VeriSM: Unwrapped and Applied) and the release of the VeriSM Professional certification in October, the IFDC and EXIN have organized a series of webinars to give people more insight into what VeriSM is, who is behind it and what it can mean for them.

The second in the series took place on the 4th of September 2018. The webinar (titled: The magical management mesh; the VeriSM model explained) elaborated on the concepts that make VeriSM unique.

The webinar focused on the VeriSM model and Management Mesh – the key that makes VeriSM relevant and applicable to every organization. In this webinar Suzanne van Hove, one of the lead authors will explain the VeriSM model and the magic behind the management mesh. The webinar will be a deep dive session that gives attendees insight into how the management mesh works. You can register below to watch the recorded webinar.