Maxim Nyansa IT Solutions Foundation

Coral Avenue
Tantra Hills Accra, Ghana

Maxim Nyansa stands for the best of two worlds.  A foundation established in Ghana in 2016. We have the strength of an NGO and we are a foundation raising funds and mobilizing volunteers to train underprivileged young Africans. We believe in a bi-cultural approach and our organization will be owned, governed and executed by teams where Europeans and Africans are working together on a basis of equality and synergy. 

Our name means “maximal wisdom” and our logo – a classic Ghanaian Adinkra symbol – literally means “climbing the right tree”. This expression means: “He who works for a good cause may expect the help of others”. It reflects our mission, which is to give young Africans who are less fortunate a chance to be educated and equipped for their professional lives. We believe they have great potential, but they can be helped by a little push to climb to the next branch of the tree of their personal development.

Maxim Nyansa stands for the best of two worlds in various ways:
First, we are an NGO, and at the same time looking for sustainable business models to grow our work in Africa. Second, while we introduce various practices, values and technologies from Europe or the US, we also highly value the African sense of belonging. For us, Maxim Nyansa is an extended family. A circle of trust where family members know they will find the necessary support.

As an Information Technology (IT) prone social foundation that lives in West Africa, particularly Ghana for that matter, we represents EXIN international in all EXIN brand of training and certification products.