Why SIAM is essential in the Digital Age

Over the past 10 years, multi-vendor and selective sourcing have become the norm. In light of this, Service Integration and Management has become an essential approach to guide organizations in the management of multiple suppliers. SIAM is essential to ensure multiple suppliers are integrated to create a single business-facing IT organization.

The benefits of the SIAM approach are wide-reaching. From cost reduction to improved service for users and greater access to expertise across suppliers, SIAM enables an organization to reap the benefits of being able to pick and choose their suppliers. At the same time, it ensures that consistency is created, processes are clear and agreed upon, and that governance keeps everything in check.

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Frequently asked Questions about EXIN SIAM™

What does SIAM stand for?

SIAM stands for Service Integration and Management.

What is SIAM?

“Service integration and management (SIAM) is a management methodology that can be applied in an environment that includes services sourced from a number of service providers.

SIAM has a different level of focus to traditional multi-sourced ecosystems with one customer and multiple suppliers. It provides governance, management, integration, assurance, and coordination to ensure that the customer organization gets maximum value from its service providers.” – The SIAM Body of Knowledge.

What are the benefits of SIAM?

The benefits of SIAM are extensive. Here is a list of the main benefits:

  • Better service to end-users
  • More cost-efficiency
  • Increased accountability
  • Enable more flexibility
  • The ability to introduce competitiveness between service providers
  • Development and ownership of intellectual property
  • Greater access to expertise across a wider range of suppliers
Why choose EXIN SIAM™?

The certifications are based on the SIAM Body of Knowledge. This BoK was developed by program architect Scopism in conjunction with an expert team. The team has extensive knowledge of, and background in, IT Service Management.

The combination of the expertise offers by Scopism and EXIN’s high-quality exam development means that the EXIN SIAM™ program is internationally recognized as being of an excellent standard.

How many certifications are there in the EXIN SIAM™ program?

The program features 2 certifications. An entry-level certification – EXIN SIAM™ Foundation and an advanced-level certification – EXIN SIAM™ Professional.

What is the difference between the certifications?

EXIN SIAM™ Foundation has been created specifically to give professionals a solid, basic understanding of SIAM. As such, it covers the terminology and the core principles.

EXIN SIAM™ Professional goes into more detail and looks at the application of SIAM™ to situations and how to further analyze the SIAM concepts. Thus, it helps professionals understand how to put SIAM into practice and how to improve it.

About Service Integration and Management

SIAM is an essential methodology to get the best outcomes from today’s diverse and complex multi-provider service landscapes. It is fast becoming the de facto approach for managing this complexity in a wide range of sectors and organizational sizes. Understanding SIAM is essential for all ITSM professionals.

Kevin Holland / ITSM and SIAM consultant


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