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Reduce lead time and operational costs to improve quality to maximize project success. The EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma certification program is designed for those looking to analyze and plan successful projects within manufacturing, government, and business projects. The program combines the best of Lean and Six Sigma. Both approaches have their origins in optimizing manufacturing processes.


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EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Green Belt Specialist

The EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Green Belt certification is for specialists in executing Lean Six Sigma projects. With the right combination of expertise...

EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Specialist

The EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification solidifies the expert knowledge required to implement and manage Lean Six Sigma practices. Black...

EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Black Belt

With the EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification, a professional is prepared to start a project for the EXIN LSSA Black Belt certification. ...

EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Green Belt

EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Green Belt covers the understanding of Lean principles and the skills in Six Sigma techniques to discover issues, analyze the...

EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt

The EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Yellow Belt certification validates a professional’s knowledge and understanding of the Lean Six Sigma principles, method...

What is Lean Six Sigma?

Lean Six Sigma is a project management technique that combines the waste reduction (Munda) principles of Lean and the focus on capability and reducing variation in Six Sigma. Combined, Lean Six Sigma combines problem-solving and continuous improvement to deliver even more outstanding results.

What's more, the use of statistical analysis adds certainty when it comes to making critical project management decisions. Lean Six Sigma also taps into best practices from other areas, such as Total Quality Management (TQM), Total Productive Maintenance, and the Theory of Constraints.

How is the certification program structured?

Our certification program, in partnership with the Lean Six Sigma Academy (LSSA), is structured into belts, which represent differing levels. You start off with the Yellow belt, which is a foundation-level exam covering the key knowledge you need to get started. You then move up to Green Belt and Black Belt, becoming more involved with managing Lean Six Sigma projects, either departmentally (Green Belt) or organization-wide (Black Belt). The highest level certifications you can take are the Green and Black Belt specialist certifications. These include a high level of practical knowledge, where candidates must choose a real-life case study within their organization, enabling you to make an impact from the very start.

Why EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma?

For candidates

✔ Gain clear guidance from a structured certification program, all the way from awareness to leading Lean Six Sigma projects.
✔ For Green & Black Belts, you gain direct practical application of your knowledge by applying a case study in your own organzation.
✔ Increase your earning potential - LSS certified candidates received +10.5% higher salaries, and an average of $110,000 - $260,000 (AUD) per year*

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For Training Organizations

✔ Offer a fully comprehensive training program with options for entry-level and senior candidates.
✔ Our green and black belt certifications require high amounts of practical guidance, offering you the chance to deliver bespoke training sessions.
✔ Gain access to our exclusive training preparation materials as an EXIN-accredited partner.

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For Companies

✔ Offer a fully comprehensive training program that employees of all levels of your organization can benefit from.
✔ Lean Six Sigma projects get results, such as a 26% reduction in errors and mistakes and a 25% improvement in productivity.*
✔ Having your employees certified ensures that their knowledge is fully up-to-date, improving team cohesion and project success.

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*Source: UK Government’s Advisory Service & LSSA.eu