EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Specialist

The EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Specialist certification solidifies the expert knowledge required to implement and manage Lean Six Sigma practices. Black Belts master the Lean practices and analytical Six Sigma techniques. The rigorous examination of this certification is two-fold, with a pre-requisite theoretical assessment and a practical assessment. Once a candidate has successfully passed both assessments, they will be awarded the EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Specialist certification.


Informationen zur Zertifizierung

EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Specialist certification is generally focused on program managers or supporting management professionals that are responsible for managing complex breakthrough projects and supporting improvement teams with tools and techniques. This expert-level certification requires a detailed and analytical understanding of Lean Six Sigma theories, practices, and applications, making it the ideal basis for those working on organizational improvement programs.

World class performance
Policy development and deployment
Project management
Creating a solid foundation
Creating a continuous improvement culture
Creating stable and efficient processes
Creating capable processes
Creating future proof processes

Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Book
H.C. Theisens
LSSA (2021)
ISBN: 9789492240354 (EN) / 9789492240286 (NL)

The practical assessment of Lean Six Sigma Black Belt (required for the full belt certification) will go live June 1st 2022.

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16 hours 39 Minuten
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  • Candidates are required to pass both elements to be recognized as a certified Lean Six Sigma Black Belt. Candidates will receive the ‘full certificate’ if they pass the practical assessment (EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Specialist) within a maximum period of three years after achieving the EXIN LSSA Lean Six Sigma Black Belt certification.
  • The assessment criteria for the practical part include the submission of two practical projects that meet the following criteria:
  • Two successful projects at CIMM level-III and IV or higher.
  • The project should have a significant impact to the organization (e.g. a financial impact of €50,000.- or a relevant Critical to Quality (CTQ) has substantially been improved).
  • The project must follow the DMAIC or DMADV roadmap.
  • The projects should be signed off by the Champion to declare that the projects have been carried out professionally and that objectives have been achieved and sustainable.