CyberX – The Ethical Hacking Services

Rua do Tronco 375
4465-275, Portugal

CyberX – The Ethical Hacking Services is a company founded in Portugal and specializes in security audits across various technological fronts, including Penetration Testing on WEB applications, mobile applications, Wi-Fi, IoT devices, servers, Code Analysis (SAST), Vulnerability Assessments, Phishing Campaigns, and Workshops. Its team, comprised of internationally certified and specialized Ethical Hackers, in synergy with management, is dedicated to ensuring the delivery of results with an exceptional degree of precision and quality.

CyberX operates under the principle that there are no borders in the world of technology. This paradigm allows for the adoption of a truly global business model, with collaborators working from any location, serving clients from various sectors and regions of the world.

Its mission is not only to protect the digital assets of clients and partners but also to educate them about the importance of computer security, thereby creating a safer and more reliable digital environment. With CyberX, clients gain a trustworthy partner and a strategic ally in the journey towards excellence in digital security.