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EXIN BCS SIAM® Foundation Certification receives itSMF UK endorsement

itSMF UK has formally endorsed the new EXIN BCS SIAM® Foundation Certification. The qualification scheme, announced at the ITSM16 Conference last November and jointly managed by examination institutes EXIN, BCS and service management start-up Scopism, provides a new opportunity for professional development in a burgeoning area of service management.  ...

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As a trainer, I help you gain a deep understanding of what DevOps is. Then you can fulfill the role of a DevOps Master who facilitates, improves and leads their team.

Antonio Valle
Antonio Valle
G2, Gobierno y Gestión de TI
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Service Manager Day 2018

22 Mar 2018
's-Hertogenbosch, Netherlands
Service intelligence is a way to give substance to the trend of integrating people and new technologies within the IT service market. Speakers will discuss the relationship between evolving best practices and technological trends. The way to facilitate this changeability is by organizing intelligence. Intelligence gives organizations the opportunity to...

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