Capgemini Educational Services B.V.

Reykjavikplein 1 3543 KA UTRECHT, Netherlands


Capgemini Academy sees the value of IT increase by the day. We observe the most crucial business processes being trusted into the hands of digitalization and automation. From very close we witness the urge to innovate; How IT becomes faster, smarter and even more limitless. And how in this vortex, people need to move along, sometimes even against their own will. Everyone in IT realizes that they have to keep up with developments. The one who does not, becomes obsolete very soon. Those who seriously work on maintaining their knowledge and expertise needed for their work and organization, remain of added value.  

Capgemini Academy is there for the CxO’s, employers and decision makers. We help them to create an environment in which people can get the best preparation for what is awaiting them in the future. Together, we formulate clear stories, and adjacent plans about the future of the organization. After, we make the plans work by assisting and encouraging the execution of those plans. We give people the opportunity to develop themselves. Capgemini Academy also supports the individual IT professionals, who identify and accept one constant: the constant change. The ones who embrace change and want to deliver what is asked from them in the future. When they have a solid self-esteem. When they have knowledge and sense of principals, processes and patterns that are the foundations of each IT challenge. Ideally, individuals in IT are communicative and hold consulting skills to translate IT solutions to the business. After all, in their job it is always about the people.

Capgemini Academy’s professionals offer what people in IT need. Our professionals have a keen eye for motivation, talent and are aware of specific contexts and circumstances. They move people to move. Programmes and courses that originate from daily experience of our both didactical and substantively strong trainers, light a fire within the individual IT pofessionals. Real life stories of our professionals’ experience that tell how to solve problems and work with the people around it, do the rest.   An organization, like ours, helps people and their organizations day by day to get the best out of themselves and each other. We prepare them to defy tomorrow’s challenges. We stimulate learning and curiosity. In order for individual IT professionals and their employers, to build better, longer and more intensive relationships. For mutual benefit. Capgemini Academy. We transform IT professionals.