OCAC Tower
Suit # 209
Acharya Vihar - jaydev Vihar Rd
Doordarshan Colony
Gajapati Nagar
Odisha 751013, India

Creanovation Technologies Private Limited (CTPL), founded in 2019, is a leading digital transformation company offering end-to-end software development application solutions specifically designed for the education sector.

Based on its experience of working with multiple institutions and programs, CTPL identified the presence of significant gap between Industry and Academia and saw an opportunity to bridge the same through hand crafted innovative programs. Thus NextGen Academy of CTPL was initiated. NextGen Academy is driven by an excellent appreciation of the aspirations of millions of brilliant students. We bring industry-driven technology, business, and media education into classrooms. The rich experience of technology and industry leaders, and academicians has helped us towards this goal.

NextGen recognises the need to validate student learning through scientific examinations which are well accepted in the market. Thus NextGen partnered with EXIN India to offer such Examinations which test the Learning attainment of Students through proctored examinations.