EXIN Kanban Foundation

Our Kanban certification ties in perfectly with our Agile, DevOps & Lean portfolio category. Test your knowledge of the basic concepts of Kanban. Explore its benefits and go on to improve efficiency and increase productivity by utilizing continuous improvement.

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Certification information

You will be able to describe the benefits and principles of Kanban. Moreover, you will be able to optimize workflows in practice with the help of Kanban tools. In addition, you will understand the impact of Kanban culture in the organization and some areas of concern in scaling Kanban.

This certification is for anyone who wants to optimize workflow, more specifically:

  • Developers, Scrum Masters, Product Owners, and Project and Process professionals.
  • Managers and teams using Kanban to manage daily operational activities, e.g., DevOps team members
  • Business professionals, for example in HR, finance, marketing, production, and support teams

David J. Anderson
Kanban: Succesful Evolutionary Change for Your Technology Business Blue Hole Press (2010)
ISBN: 9780984521401 (hardcopy)
ISBN: 9780984521429 (eBook)

Additional literature

B. Dominica Degrandis
Making Work Visible, Second Edition: Exposing Time Theft to Optimize Work & Flow IT Revolution Press (2022)
ISBN: 9781950508498 (hardcopy)
ISBN: 9781950508501 (eBook)

Key Benefits

  • Learn theoretical and practical knowledge with immediate applicability within your job role.
  • Transferrable knowledge – Kanban practices are utilized in Agile and Scrum, Lean, and Six Sigma
  • Take the first step towards becoming an EXIN Digital Service Manager with this certification

Details & downloads

01 hour
Number of Questions:
40 (Multiple Choice)
Pass mark:
Open book:
Electronic equipment allowed:
ECTS Credits:
English, Portuguese, German
Requirements for certification:
  • Successful completion of the EXIN Kanban Foundation exam.