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We’re searching for motivated, innovative people to grow with our international team.

We've been around for 38 years. Naturally, we've got a few wrinkles, but we always stay relevant and on the cusp of what's next. Our people make the difference. Some have been journeying with us almost since inception, and others have joined just a couple of months ago - but all bring unique insight, and a willingness to work collaboratively toward a rewarding future.

Come join us to take on challenging projects, and push what is possible. Everyone works hard and contributes to a welcoming environment - online and offline - and no doubt the people will be one of the great reasons you'll love working here.

There is no single "ideal person" rather, we are building a team that brings experience and talent, but is equally brave to try and achieve together. The resources and support you need to grow your career (while you help so many around the world enhance theirs) are right here. Know working with us is as rewarding as it is fun.

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We are set up so you can hit the ground running - in our head office in Utrecht, home office, or on-the-go.


EXIN is proud to have integrity as a key value in our brand and in the certifications we offer. We strive daily to ensure that our actions always reflect this.


In 2021, EXIN joined with SIG (Software Improvement Group) and today we proudly collaborate to bring an even better experience to our team and our customers. Collaboration with our training partners, professionals, subject matter experts, and corporate partners are ever present.

165 Countries and 20 Different Languages

EXIN is headquartered in the Netherlands and also operates in other countries around the world including Germany, India, Brazil, China, Japan, and the US.

Competitive Salary

One of the positive rewards of a great company is a salary that removes the worry. We are competitive and have a bonus structure that is based on a blend of individual and overall company achievement.

26 Vacation Days

Not much to expand on here except to note you will have enough as a full-time employee to be able to shut down and enjoy a little rest and relaxation when needed.


A modern pension setup that helps take off some of the thinking for the future. Gives you more time to focus on those 26 vacation days.

Exam Development Team at EXIN

"I never expected to be with EXIN for long, but we're 8 years in, and I'm still loving it! Come for the job, stay for the people."

Marianne Hubregtse Exam Developer @EXIN since 2014
EXIN exam development careers storyteaser block

Information Management Team at EXIN

"The Information Management team is the spider in the web of all of EXIN’s activities. To play our part, we deal with people, processes, and techniques. This is probably the part that I like most because no day is ever the same"

Boudewijn Lunenburg Information Manager @EXIN since 2012
Information Management Team at EXIN

Marketing Team at EXIN

"Working at EXIN so far has been a fantastic experience. It's a highly collaborative and rewarding work environment, where your contributions are recognized"

Sebastian Short Marketing Specialist @EXIN since 2021
EXIN marketing careers storyteaser block

Program Management Team at EXIN

"My career actually began with an EXIN exam. My degree in education and service management experience lead me to find my passion for certifying IT professionals like myself, all over the world."

Rita Pilon Product Owner @EXIN since 2006
Rita Pilon - Product Owner at EXIN

Sales Team at EXIN

"I have grown with EXIN from a Support role to heading Profit & Loss for the Indian subcontinent. The challenges it brings every day and the adrenaline rush to overcome them is unparalleled. And with it, the chance to engage with an ever-growing learning community gives meaning to my daily work."

Namrata Sahoo Sales Director for India @EXIN since 2012
EXIN sales careers storytelling image

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