Types of accreditation

EXIN offers different accreditations to suit different organizations and individuals. Each type enables an exam center or training provider to offer EXIN-endorsed services. Plus, you receive all the support and dedication you can expect from a quality leader of IT and digital certifications.

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Accredited Training Organization

An accredited training organization (ATO) is permitted to train candidates for EXIN exams. All ATOs only use EXIN accredited trainers.

ATO Accreditation

Accredited Exam Organization

In order to be able to hold EXIN exams, an accredited exam organization (AEO) must have their the processes, supervisor and employees accredited.

AEO Accreditation

Accredited Trainer

To be able to train candidates each ATO has to have accredited trainers (AT). These can be employees of the accredited training organization (ATO) or freelance trainers that are hired specifically because they are EXIN accredited. Accredited trainers cannot work independently as they must always be under the designation of an ATO.

AT Accreditation

Benefits and Process of Accreditation

Curious about the unique benefits of an EXIN accreditation? Or perhaps you want to understand more about the process. Go ahead, the partner you've been looking for with the portfolio you're after awaits.