EXIN Anywhere

Get certified for what's next right from where you are. Don't let time or distance be the barrier to taking your exam. EXIN Anywhere is our online exam service that allows you to conveniently complete your exam from the comfort of your home, office, or anywhere you need to be.

Why get certified?

Live or Video Proctoring

Choose between video or live proctoring. With live proctoring, a proctor monitors you in real-time while you take the exam. With video proctoring, a video recording of you taking your exam will be made and judged objectively, after you have taken it.

Computer Requirements

Wait! Before you book your exam, check your computer requirements. Take the configuration test to ensure it's possible to use EXIN Anywhere with your computer. Don't worry if your webcam, microphone, and internet connection are suitable - EXIN will check these for you.

Configuration Test Video Proctored
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Benefits = Flexibility

  • No travel required
  • Take your exam from anywhere
  • Plan your exam on your schedule
  • Choose live or video proctoring
  • Take your exam anytime within 21 days of booking

EXIN Anywhere – Instructions

EXIN Anywhere – Do’s and Don’ts

How can I order my exam?

1. Click ‘Book my exam’ at the top of this page
2. Create an EXIN account
3. After you create an EXIN account, order the exam of your choice.

*If you already have an EXIN account, visit 'MyLogin' and order through the portal.

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What do I need to know before I start?

Before you start the exam, make sure that you and your environment meet the EXIN Anywhere requirements. See our 'Terms and Conditions for more details.

Terms and Conditions

What happens after my exam?

When you have finished the exam, you can exit by clicking on the 'End Exam' button. Click on the 'Feedback' button to see your Coaching Report. Your Coaching Report will also be available in the 'MyLogin' portal.

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