Time is Running Out: Will You be GDPR Compliant Before May 2018?

Beginning May 2018, all organizations that process or store data – which is virtually almost all companies – will have to show and prove that they have proper structures in place to comply with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). Training and adequate briefing of employees are, in essence, mandatory.

Each organization will have to demonstrate their compliance in a number of ways. They must prove proper staff training and reviews of HR policies. Organizations also need to remember that personal data is not only customers’ and clients’ data but also their employees’ personal data. Moreover, anyone who anonymizes data is still bound by the law because they have had access to the data in the first place.


EXIN Privacy & Data Protection Program

The GDPR is not only relevant to the experts in your organization. Any employee who processes data is bound by this regulation. The EXIN Privacy & Data Protection program ensures proper staff training and relevant certification. Key benefits that are in line with the GDPR cut across multiple areas like:

1.    General Benefits: The benefits of having a program that is in line with the GDPR regulations. Certification by EXIN ensures individuals are on a career path that will be amenable and profitable to compliant organizations.

2.    Benefits to Companies: Compliance by enterprises make them customer-friendly; this helps build trust between them and their clients.

The benefits of taking this program are just as essential at an individual level as they are at the organizational level. IT experts can take the course for their own personal growth as it makes them market-ready, but at the same time, this program protects companies from culpability due to ignorance.

Time is running out! Are you ready for GDPR?