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Astride is your guide to knowing what skills you have and how you can develop further.

✓ Astride is 100% free, secure, unbiased, and easy to use.
✓ It gives tailored insights into your competencies and ideal job fit.
✓ Based on an internationally recognized framework, the e-CF.
✓ It takes 20 mins to complete, and you can resume it anytime.
✓ Used and trusted by +5000 professionals in 180 different countries.

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How does Astride work?

1. Astride asks different questions to assess your competencies.

The series of questions are based on the five competence areas of the e-CF (European Competency Framework), a common framework that uses shared language for IT skills, and proficiency levels. The questions cover a wide range of competencies - from IT-specific skills to management and digital preparedness. It'll take you no more than 20 minutes to complete the assessment, and you can resume it anytime you want.

<H3>1. Astride asks different questions to assess your competencies. </H3>

2. Astride gathers the information and processes it.

Based on how you answer the questions, the proprietary software will process each result and calculate your match with each skill in the e-CF. Such questions were created and refined after interviews with 80+ leading professionals in different fields, and Astride analyzes more than 250 data points to generate her unique, free Insights Report. Are you ready to discover what Astride has ready for you?

<H3>2. Astride gathers the information and processes it.</H3>

3. Astride creates a custom-tailored Insights Report for free.

Based on the gathered information, Astride will produce your a custom tailor-made insights report. The report contains a detailed yet easy-to-read overview of the top 5 jobs that suits your competencies, and a breakdown of all your competencies levels. Based on the 42 primary competencies and 30 job roles outlined in the e-CF, you will get an overview of how you match your current role, and how you compare to others.

<H3>3. Astride creates a custom-tailored Insights Report for free. </H3>

Get your free, custom Astride Insights report

It takes only 20 mins to complete the free IT competency assessment - also, you can resume it anytime you want. Get incredibly tailored insights on your ideal job fit, areas of improvement, and recommended certifications to reach the level you want!
Astride by EXIN insights report

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Get ready to learn what certification is best suited for you - for free!

✓ Gain unique and tailored insights into your current job role.
✓ Compare your current role with other job roles, and identify if you have any skills gaps.
✓ Receive tailored recommendations on what certification(s) suit your career path.

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Added benefit to increase the value of your portfolio offering

✓ With our group invite functions, you can instantly gain skill insights into your candidates.
✓ The ultimate value-add. Boost your training portfolio with Astride's unique reporting functions.
✓ 100% free to use, only requires an additional clause to our accredited partnership agreement

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Discover skills gaps in your workforce and see how certification is a solution

✓ Identify and bridge skills-gaps in your organization at a glance.
✓ Create and compare skills to customized job roles.
✓ Get a concrete starting point for understanding what skills your organization needs.

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Astride – PracyB

I was able to test Astride! I think it is great!

There are plenty of reference roles that help you compare your skills and direct you to other certifications to improve.

Thanks a lot to EXIN for this new tool focused on skills improvement. Astride should be adopted by every company!

Niamke Antoine, CEO & Founder

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