EXIN BCS Professional Certificate in Agile Business Analysis

The EXIN BCS Agile Business Analysis Professional assesses competence with regards to the philosophy, methods, principles, and techniques of the Agile approach and its relevance to business analysis.

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Certification information

This certification is relevant for anyone who needs to understand the Agile approach from a business perspective. This includes business architects, business analysts, project managers and business managers.

You will be able to:

  • describe the philosophy underpinning Agile approaches.
  • state the core Agile values in the Agile Manifesto.
  • interpret the key Agile principles.
  • the application of Agile in the wider business context.
  • describe a range of Agile methods (process, roles, principles).
  • evaluate the applicability of an Agile method for a given situation.
  • analyze the stakeholders in Agile projects.
  • apply the eight wastes of Lean.
  • describe the functional model map (FMM).
  • illustrate the use of Agile analysis, modeling, and documentation techniques.
  • analyze business goals and their decomposition.
  • identify and analyze user roles.
  • analyze the application of the user story technique.
  • explain the role and management of the solution backlog.
  • explain techniques and meetings used to plan, estimate, and manage an iteration.
  • describe the role of the business analyst when using an Agile approach.
  • apply the POPIT model and the system of interest model during Agile adoption.

Exam literature

A. Lynda Girvan and Debra Paul
Agile and Business Analysis
BCS Learning and Development Ltd (March 2017) ISBN: 978 1780173221

B. Debra Paul and James Cadle
Business Analysis 4th Edition
BCS Learning and Development Ltd (July 2020) ISBN: 978 1780175102

C. Scott Ambler and Mark Lines
Disciplined Agile Delivery
IBM Press (May 2012)
ISBN: 978 0132810135

D. Mike Cohn
User Stories Applied: For Agile Software Development
Addison Wesley (March 2004)
ISBN: 978 0321205681

E. Agile Manifesto

F. Scrum Alliance

G. Peter Checkland
Systems Thinking, Systems Practice: Includes a 30-Year Retrospective
John Wiley and Sons Ltd (July 1999)
ISBN: 978 0471986065

H. Hunter Hastings and Jeff Saperstein
Service Thinking: The Seven Principles to Discover Innovative Opportunities
Business Expert Press (January 2014)
ISBN: 978 1606496626

Additional literature

I. Agile Business Consortium

J. Dr. Winston W. Royce
Managing the Development of Large Software Systems on_royce.pdf

Details & downloads

01 hour 30 minutes
Number of Questions:
40 (Multiple Choice)
Pass mark:
Open book:
Electronic equipment allowed:
ECTS Credits:
Requirements for certification:
  • Successful completion of the EXIN BCS Agile Business Analysis Professional exam.