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The EXIN Digital Service Manager career path certification helps you develop the skills you need to boost your career. Prove that you have what your company needs to tackle the challenges of the digital age!

Become a Digital Service Manager today!

The need for Digital Service Management

Not all organizations are at the same point in their digital journey, and not all of them move at the same speed. Digital services are crucial to the success of any business these days, even when the core product is a physical one. Furthermore, it's not surprising that a recent report revealed that 90% of companies had accelerated their digital transformation process due to Covid-19. Having a proper handle on Digital Service Management is therefore pivotal to helping your company achieve success - and beat the competition.
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Find your path in a world of uncertainty.

In uncertain economic times such as these, it's essential to focus on what you can control. As the World Economic Forum points out, by 2030, 9 out of 10 jobs will require digital skills, with more than half (54%) of all employees to make significant reskilling by 2022.

Here's how EXIN career paths make the difference: they provide a modern perspective on Service Management, aligning to the needs of companies operating in the digital context. Plus, they help you establish a holistic approach for continuous improvement and skills development as a professional.

3 Perspectives. 3 ways to boost your career.

The needs of companies differ massively, whereas most Service Management certification programs currently available provide a ‘one size fits most’ offering. Here’s why EXIN developed these career path certifications. Created in mind with three unique perspectives, based on which best suits you and your organization’s own needs and culture.

Digital Service Manager Optimization

The Optimization perspective is focused on achieving digital optimization. This route is perfect for professionals that are working in a process-oriented way and that want to optimize their business operations.

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Digital Service Manager Integration

The Integration perspective is focused on enabling digital service integration. This route is very suitable for professionals that must align processes across suppliers and ensure a seamless end-to-end service to the customer.

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Digital Service Manager Transformation

The Transformation perspective is focused on realizing effective digital transformation. This path is perfect for professionals working within agile organizations that are further in their digital journey and want to take advantage of digital transformation.

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How to become an EXIN Digital Service Manager in 3 easy steps

Becoming a Digital Service Manager requires study and practice, but it is easier than ever thanks to EXIN Career Paths. Keep on reading to discover the steps you need to become the Service Manager of tomorrow!

1. The Foundation level

All three routes to the EXIN Digital Service Manager certification start with developing a broad awareness of knowledge areas relevant to Service Management, by obtaining two (2) Foundation level certifications. This is important to make sure that you understand the fundamental concepts of Service Management. You can choose which two certifications are most relevant for you, out of a number of relevant areas such as ISO/IEC 2000, SIAM, VeriSM, and Agile Scrum. ITIL foundation and other approved equivalent certifications are also approved at this level.
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2. Specialist & Experience level

Now it's time to move forward and develop advanced-level skills according to your chosen perspective. This second level ensures that you can practically apply the knowledge on the work floor.

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3. Congratulations: you're an EXIN certified Digital Service Manager!

Once you have completed the 2 foundation certifications, and the professional certification of your choice, you will be officially certified as a Digital Service Manager - according to the specialization you and your company need the most.

Now it's time to truly make an impact!
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